​​Freed In Christ


Are You Willing to:

Who We Are

Jim Freed serves as a Elder/Pastor and Counselor at Emmanuel Community Church in Bayville NJ. He is offering counseling to individuals being held in captivity to life dominating sin. This counseling can be obtained for a small fee in person or over the phone. Feel free to contact Jim to obtain an appointment.   Jim has counseled hundreds of men over the last twenty plus years while being heavily involved in teaching and preaching as well. 

Our ministry is non-denominational, and we hope you may find Christ and grow in His Grace and achieve the freedom from so many difficulties/hurt/pain/sufferings this world burdens us with.

Thanks so much for visiting our website and feel free to contact us anytime for any further assistance, questions, prayer requests, or any other help we may be able to provide in the name of Christ.   Pastor Jim Freed




  1. Seek truths about God 

    Begin by reading God's Word to learn about who HE truly is ?

  2. 2. Become willing to surrender

    Determine to putting aside your pride and repent of your sins.

  3. 3. Pray for Grace & Mercy
    Ask God for forgiveness & help in how to let  Him be the Lord of your life.

Our Vision


It has been said "We need to lead unbelievers to Christ, and Believers to the Cross",  thus our vision is to share the message of the Victorious Christian Life with Believers and unbelievers alike.

In a world where many people find themselves in bondage to life dominating sin, the Gospel of Jesus Christ alone offers the life changing hope that far exceeds our past expectations of religious and various scientific solutions. After personally experiencing and witnessing many other’s transformations during nearly a quarter of a century, my mission and vision is to help others apply the ancient truths found in scripture to life today in the twenty first century.

I have experienced freedom in Jesus Christ in the context of the abundant life promised to us in John 10:10 where Christ Himself said, “I have come that they may have life and have it more abundantly. Having studied and practiced many types of biblical counseling, I have been gifted by the Holy Spirit and blessed to lead many believers and unbelievers alike into the glorious freedom that only comes through an authentic life changing relationship with Jesus Christ. I am not advocating a Christian self help program, or a sure fire method of behavioral change, but the lasting transformation that is experienced by those truly surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

​Having personally experienced that deep sadness and depression that comes from the bondage to life dominating sin, I have made the journey from extreme darkness into the brilliant light of God’s love, and its my life’s goal and ambition is to lead others on that journey. Naturally I have progressed over the years in my ability to do just that. I have recently been doing trauma counseling which is used by the Holy Spirit to illuminate the darkness in people’s past lives. I have spent many hours in one on one counseling with deeply troubled individuals. Experience has affirmed the need to is identify and begin tearing down spiritual strongholds. Often these strongholds are rooted in shame, bitterness and a distorted image of God. Remember that the enemy’s chief tactic is deception, so these lies must be uncovered, exposed and replaced by God’s Truth. ss until they are at last like me, freed in Christ. For most this is a very fearful journey not to be embarked upon alone, but under the direction of the Holy Spirit, heaven’s counselor.

Once a person in crisis realizes their true identity in Christ a the Savior who loves them more than they can fully comprehend, everything changes. Are you ready for that change?